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  Beacons / Lights



 Flashing / Static / Rotating




 (3 colours in 1 housing)



 Tower Lights

 Modular Stack Lights




 Revolving Light



 1 - 24 Joules


 Incandescent Lamp /

 Filament Lamp

 Flashing, Static or

 Combined with Audible Buzzer


 Battery Operated

 Portable Beacon



 Cage Guards, Brackets, Domes

 & Telephone Relay


  Automotive Beacons


 Rotating Automotive

 E Marked (Vehicle Use)


 Xenon Automotive

 E Marked (Vehicle Use)



 Spare Domes / Lens Covers




  Explosion Proof Signals


 EXD Beacons

 Zones 1 and 2


 EXD Sounders

 Zones 1 and 2


 EXD Sounder /  Beacon

 Zones 1 and 2


 Intrinsically Safe

 Sounder or LED Beacon


 EXD Push Buttons

 Zones 1 and 2


 EXD Call Points

 Zones 1 and 2


 Portable Battery  Operated Beacon

 ATEX Approved, Zone 2








  Obstacle Marking - ICAO Conforming


 Low Intensity

 10 Candela (Portable)


 Low Intensity

 Permanent Fix / Magnetic Base

 (For Vehicle Use)


 Low Intensity

 10 & 32 Candela


 Medium Intensity

 2000 Candela



  Wide Area Signalling


 Wide Area Signalling

 Sirens - Motorised


 Wide Area Signalling

 Sirens - Electronic













  Acoustic Signals


 Piezo Buzzers

 Piezo and High Output Buzzers


 Hooters & Horns

 A1 and Manual ES


 Industrial Grey Bells

 Solenoid Driven Bells


 Fire Bells

 Fire Bell & Fire Bell with

 Xenon / Strobe Light


 Industrial Buzzers

 Mechanical and Industrial


 Air Horns

 Industrial & Marine Air Horns


 Electronic Sounders

 Sounders & Sounder / Beacon

 Combined Units



 Industrial Sirens



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