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Clifford & Snell

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Clifford & Snell is a world leader in the design and development of audible and visual signalling products, which includes a comprehensive range of Industrial and Hazardous area sounders, beacons and combination units.

Established in 1929, the company pioneered many innovative products & systems. It was responsible for the introduction of the world’s first ever electronic sounder in 1967. Markedly, this breakthrough in technology became the foundation for the development and production of future generations of products.

Offering a comprehensive range of signalling devices addressing a wide variety of applications and industry sectors which include, hazardous areas, industrial & process control, through to fire protection, security, marine, mass evacuation and transportation.

Meanwhile continuous investment into new products is a key component to the future success of the business and an ongoing commitment to our customers worldwide. Innovative feature rich, technically strong and well-engineered products are at the heart of the company’s development program, significantly Clifford & Snell is well positioned to accelerate this program and promote its products on a global scale.

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