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  • Approved by ATEX, IECEx
  • CQST (Available on request only)
  • ATEX: Ex d IIC T4~ T6 Gb Ex tb IIIC T135°C~T85°C
  • Zones 1, 2, 21 & 22
  • Conforms to: EN 60079-0:2012 (IEC 60079-0:2011), EN-60079-1:2007 (IEC 60079-1:2007), EN 60079-31:2009 (IEC 60079-31:2008)
  • 360° light output around the vertical axis
  • Dustproof & Weatherproof


Stainless Steel 316 Enclosure
Tempered Glass Lens

Approvals & Conformities

Approvals & Conformities
Categories in this range.


BC125 Series (Stainless Steel)

Explosion Proof Beacon

The BC125 range has been approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and very harsh environmental conditions.

Typical applications are Oil and Gas, On-shore and Offshore, Chemical, Petrochemical, Refineries & Marine locations etc.

These beacons have a choice of two types of light source: either Xenon (strobe) with multiple flash rate and power ratings or an LED array with three status type indication options and two power ratings. The design allows for termination inside the enclosure.

The units also have the ability to be fitted with a telephone initiation function and can be used as the second ring output indicator for telephones when installed in very noisy environments.

Xenon Working StatusXenon Flashing
Flash RateSelectable from 60-180 Flashes per Minute
Power Rating5 J (10W) Max10 J (15W) Max15 J (20W) Max20 J (25W) Max
Effective Candela109293395424
LED Working StatusLED - Flashing / Rotating / Static
Flash RateSelectable from 60-120 Flashes per Minute
Rotation RateSelectable from 60-120 Flashes per Minute
Static ModePermanently ON (ie Steady)
Power Rating5 W10 W
Effective Candela128312
Amber x 0.51, Red x 0.15, Blue x 0.12, Green x 0.49, Clear x 1
ENERGY12v Dc24v Dc48v Dc110v Ac220v Ac
5 J460 mA 280 mA140 mA60 mA35 mA
10 J850 mA490 mA250 mA100 mA60 mA
15 J1200 mA700 mA360 mA140 mA80 mA
20 JN/A960 mA480 mA180 mA110 mA
POWER12v Dc24v Dc48v Dc110v Ac220v Ac
5 W530 mA260 mA120 mA80 mA40 mA
10 W1100 mA530 mA240 mA160 mA80 mA

Additional information

Lens Colour

Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Red

Enclosure Colour

Black, Blue, Red, Yellow

IP Rating

IP 66

Maximum Temperature

+70 °C

Minimum Temperature

-40 °C


Chemical, Hazardous Area, Industrial, Marine, Oil & Gas, Onshore & Offshore, Petrochemical, Refineries


FPM 60-120, FPM 60-180


RPM 60-120


≤48v Dc, 100-240v Ac

Power Rating

10 J (15W) Max, 10 W, 15 J (20W) Max, 20 J (25W) Max, 5 J (10W) Max, 5 W

Effective Candela

109 Cd, 128 Cd, 293 Cd, 312 Cd, 395 Cd, 424 Cd


Stainless Steel 316 Enclosure


Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22


ATEX, CQST (Available on request only), IECEx

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