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Continuously rated

  • Suitable for surface, conduit box or wall mounting
  • Optional wall bracket & guard available – see accessories
  • 2 point fix
  • Magnetic base versions available
  • Low current consumption options
  • 360° light output around the vertical axis
  • Dustproof and Weatherproof


UV Stable Polycarbonate Lens
UV Stable ABS Mounting Base

Approvals & Conformities

Approvals & Conformities
Categories in this range.



Industrial Rotating Beacons

The R201-200 Rotating Beacons series offer a cost effective, single stage alarm, suitable for a wide range of applications where a powerful & commanding signal is required.

It incorporates a parabolic reflector which, when energised, revolves around a continuously illuminated lamp. This creates a powerful beam of light that sweeps through 360 degrees. The reflector is driven by a twin belt drive system that is powered by a series wound motor for ‘AC’ units and a permanent magnet motor for ‘DC’ units. The design allows for termination inside the enclosure through the base.


Code NoVoltageLight SourceCurrent
R201-1312v Dc ---H1 x 55w4.70 A
R201-1424v Dc ---H1 x 70w3.00 A
R201-29 *24v Dc ---Ba15s x 10w0.60 A
R201-61 *24v Dc ---Ba15d x 21w 0.95 A
R201-6324v Dc ---Ba15d x 48w 2.00 A
R201-6448v Dc ---Ba15d x 35w0.75 A
R200-0324v Ac ~Ba15d x 48w2.00 A
R200-0248v Ac ~Ba15d x 35w0.75 A
R200-04115v Ac ~Ba15d x 60w0.55 A
R200-05230v Ac ~Ba15d x 60w0.29 A
* Diode Polarised for Fire Alarm SystemsMB - Magnetic Base
R201-200 & RA201-200 Series Industrial Rotating Beacons - Technical Drawing - Base
R201-200 & RA201-200 Series Industrial Rotating Beacons - Technical Drawing - Side



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Additional information

Lens Colour

Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Red

IP Rating

IP 65

Maximum Temperature

+55 °C

Minimum Temperature

-10 °C


Fire, Industrial


RPM 120 Ac, RPM 160 Dc

AC Voltage Frequency

50 Hz

Nominal Supply Voltage

12v, 24v, 48v, 115v, 230v

Light Source

Incandescent/Tungsten Bulb


ABS, UV Stable PC

Beacon Output


Current Type


Power Rating

Medium Proximity Signalling

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