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  • Continuously rated
  • LED Long Life
  • Suitable for conduit box or wall mounting
  • 120° prime light output above the vertical axis
  • WH = White back box
  • SB = Shallow base
  • Dustproof and Weatherproof


UV Stable Polycarbonate Lens
UV Stable ABS Plastic Base

Approvals & Conformities

Approvals & Conformities
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LED195 Series Industrial LED Beacons / KMLED 105

The LED195 series beacon has been designed for industrial & commercial signalling applications where low maintenance & long life are the pre-requisite requirement.

These beacons have two stages of alarm, flashing (pre-set to either 60 or 120 FPM) or continuous (static) mode, selectable by a jumper link on the PCB.

The design also allows for a third wire connection giving the flexibility to switch from a pre-set static mode to a pre-set flashing mode. The design allows for termination inside the enclosure. The LED195 deep base version offers 2 x M20 side knockouts and 1 x M20 rear.

The shallow base (low profile version) allows for cable entry of up to 5mm on the side of the unit (x2) and 1 x M20 knockout at the rear.


Code NoKM CodeVoltageLight SourceCurrent
LED195-01WH-SB9840x8-20v Ac/Dc ≂36 SMT LEDs240 mA @ 12v Dc
LED195-01WH9850x8-20v Ac/Dc ≂36 SMT LEDs240 mA
LED195-02WH-SB9841x20-30v Ac/Dc ≂36 SMT LEDs120 mA @ 24v Dc
LED195-02WH9851x20-30v Ac/Dc ≂36 SMT LEDs120 mA
LED195-03WH-SB9842x30-85v Ac/Dc ≂36 SMT LEDs76 mA @ 48v Dc
LED195-03WH9852x30-85v Ac/Dc ≂36 SMT LEDs76 mA
LED195-05WH-SB9843x85-380v Dc ---36 SMT LEDs35 mA @ 230v Ac
85-280v Ac ~
LED195-05WH9853x85-380v Dc ---36 SMT LEDs35 mA
85-280v Ac ~
LED195 Techical Drawing - Side
LED195 Techical Drawing - Base

Additional information

Lens Colour

Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Red

IP Rating

IP 65

Maximum Temperature

+55 °C

Minimum Temperature

-25 °C




FPM 60/120

AC Voltage Frequency

50/60 Hz

Nominal Supply Voltage

12v, 24v, 48v, 115/230v

Light Source



ABS, UV Stable PC

Beacon Output

Flashing, Static/Steady

Current Type


Enclosure Colour


Power Rating

Medium Proximity Signalling



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