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  • Continuously rated
  • LED long life
  • Low current consumption
  • Economical
  • 360° light output around the vertical axis


UV Stable Polycarbonate Lens
UV Stable Polycarbonate Base

Approvals & Conformities

Approvals & Conformities
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Stacking Beacon / Light

The LED Mini tower light modules are ideally suited for status indication in light commercial signalling applications where a low cost, compact and local signal is required. These beacons are of the continuous/static mode type (single stage alarm) Once the beacon is energised the LED’s will stay permanently on.

An advantage of this type of operation is that It can be controlled via a remote source (ie control panel / plc etc) giving the beacon greater flexibility by offering a (flashing) second stage alarm.

The design is modular and is easily assembled. Colour modules are supplied with quick fix termination that simply push into male terminals in the module below to make the connection.

The two base mounting options are available, Foot & 100mm pole or a Side Bracket & 100mm pole each base is supplied with a 1 metre flying lead.


Code NoVoltageLight SourceCurrent
LED-MINI-0212/24v Dc ---8 SMT LEDs80mA *
45mA **
LED-MINI-FT100Mounting Base, Foot & Pole 100mm
LED-MINI-BR100Mounting Base, Bracket & Pole 100mm
* @ 12v
** @ 24v
LED-MINI Industrial LED ECO Beacons - Technical Drawing - FT100
LED-MINI Industrial LED ECO Beacons - Technical Drawing - BR100
LED-MINI Industrial LED ECO Beacons - Technical Drawing - Base Termination
LED-MINI Industrial LED ECO Beacons - Technical Drawing - Base & Cap Module

Additional information

Lens Colour

Amber, Green, Red

IP Rating

IP 54

Maximum Temperature

+66 °C

Minimum Temperature

-20 °C


Industrial, Process Control

Nominal Supply Voltage


Light Source



UV Stable PC

Beacon Output

Flashing, Static/Steady

Current Type


Power Rating

Close Proximity Signalling



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