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Spotlight on LED Beacons

Spotlight on LED Beacons

LED beacons are probably the most versatile of all the beacon lamp types currently on the market. Also, with the emphasis in today’s world of reducing our carbon footprint and helping the environment, LED technology is no doubt the way forward.

Moflash produce a wide range of LED beacons for a variety of applications. The LED125 range of beacons have the option of being set to flashing or static, offering the user a wider choice of options. The LEDA125 also includes an audible buzzer. The LED201/200 and LED401/400 ranges are the larger size options containing 144 ultra-bright LEDs and these offer the versality of having a choice of operating modes – static, flashing or rotating.

Specially developed by Moflash, the new Spectrum 600 Series beacon is probably the most versatile LED beacon available. The Spectrum is PLC controllable or it can be used with our optional interface unit. The beauty of the Spectrum is the choice of options that are available in one unit – the LEDs can be switched instantly to a choice of colours (Amber, Red or Green) and can be set to static or flashing with a choice of flash rates (60 fpm or 90 fpm). Additionally, the Spectrum also has x2 piezo sounders offering the option of audible capability as well as visual.

The portable E-flare beacon is a handy, ready to use unit which is quick and easy to use and enhances safety by creating a highly visible warning zone. It uses an urgent flash rate or a steady-on signal via high luminosity LED’s and a patented fresnel lens to provide maximum visibility – effective more than 1 kilometer. It has an impact resistant ABS body and cap, as well as a shatterproof polycarbonate lens designed to survive a drop from 1metre high onto a concrete surface. It is also gasproof and waterproof and a choice of mounting accessories are available.

LEDs offer high efficiency and long life whilst only having a low power requirement and therefore are extremely environment friendly. That is an important factor in today’s world and the use of LEDs will continue to grow as result.

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