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Spotlight on Bells – Still Ringing the Changes

Spotlight on Bells

Still ringing the changes. They said thst Bells were History and that was 20 years ago! The safety industry has a love hate relationship with warning bells, a number of people will tell you that they are old fashioned and have no place in Modern Warning Systems be it Fire or Industrial applications.The truth is that they are still a firm favourite with the end user and at the end of the day they are the ones that really count. The units tend to be cost effective and if a well constructed bell is installed it is reliable.


Which brings me to the Moflash bell range. We offer 3 ranges, the flag ship Adaptabel bell which is produced in the USA and has been for 70 years the standard to which all bells are measured. It is difficult in today’s Market to get the depth of choice, the Adaptabel offers 4in to 8in with a 10in option. voltage from standard 12 24dc, 115ac and 230ac and also options such as 24vac. The units are ideal for indoor use and outside, robust in construction and will out last most contemporary signals. The feature that most customers keep telling us about is the clarity, the unit produces no Mechanical Clatter but a true clear signal giving warning when needed.

The Second option in the range is the IP66 bell for use in Marine or harsh environments. To the best of our information the IP66 bell is the only bell on the Market that meets this IP protection and used in applications such wash down areas, ship use and exposed environments.

And finally the A6FB Fire bell, again this bell is designed for a market ‘The Fire Market’. The unit will not be used in an everyday way as the Adaptabel and therefore does not need the robust construction; however, it can be relied upon in time of emergency to deliver the signal needed.

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