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 Product Demonstration

Visual Signals

Click on the images below to view demonstration.

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  Flashing Beacon


  Flashing Buzzing Beacon


Moflash Flashing Beacon


Moflash Flashing Buzzing Beacon

  LED Flashing Beacon


  LED Rotating Beacon


Moflash LED Flashing Beacon


Moflash LED Rotating Beacon

  Rotating Beacon


  Rotating Bleeping Beacon


Moflash Rotating Beacon


Moflash Rotating Bleeping Beacon

  Xenon Orange Beacon


  Xenon Red Beacon


Moflash Xenon Beacon - Orange

Moflash Xenon Beacon - Red





Audible Signals

Click on Loudspeaker icon to hear sound




  Electric Sounder




   Manual Hooter


   Air Horns








   Mechanical Buzzer












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