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  • Conforms to ICAO Annexe 14 Volume 1, Low Intensity Type A (10Cd) & Type B (32Cd)
  • Continuously rated
  • LED long life and extra bright
  • Suitable for surface, conduit box or wall mounting
  • Optional wall bracket & guard available – see accessories
  • 2 point fix
  • 360° light output around the vertical axis
  • Dustproof and Weatherproof


UV Stable Polycarbonate Lens & Base
Stainless Steel Sealing Band

Approvals & Conformities

Approvals & Conformities
Categories in this range.


OLS-02-10 & 32 Obstacle Marking: Low Intensity Lights – 10 & 32 Candela

Conforms to ICAO Annexe 14 Volume 1, Low Intensity
Type A (10Cd) & Type B (32Cd)

The OLS-02-10 & 32 range of Obstacle Lights have been designed to offer a more cost effective option for compliance to the low intensity ICAO regulations. The 10 and 32 Candela both incorporate low consumption Red LED arrays. A power rating of 8 watts for the 10 Cd and 12 watts for the 32Cd lend themselves for use with photocell control if required. The typical application is marking fixed objects in or around aerodromes where the object is a less extensive one and its height above the surrounding ground is less than 45m. These beacons can be used in conjunction with medium and high intensity lights.

OLS-02-10 & 32

Code NoVoltageLight SourceModeCurrentEffective Candela
OLS-02-10-0224v Ac/Dc ≂LEDStatic0.33 A10
OLS-03-10-0248v Ac/Dc ≂LEDStatic0.16 A10
OLF-02-10-0224v Ac/Dc ≂LEDFlashing0.33 A 10
OLS-04-10-02230v Ac/Dc ≂LEDStatic0.04 A 10
OLF-04-10-02230v Ac/Dc ≂LEDFlashing0.04 A 10
OLS-02-32-0224v Ac/Dc ≂LEDStatic0.50 A 32
OLS-03-32-02 448v Ac/Dc ≂LEDStatic0.24 A 32
OLF-02-32-0224v Ac/Dc ≂LEDFlashing0.50 A 32
OLS-04-32-02230v Ac/Dc ≂LEDStatic0.05 A 32

Additional information

IP Rating

IP 66

Power Rating

12W, 8W

Maximum Temperature

+45 °C

Minimum Temperature

-20 °C


Obstacle Marking


50/60 Hz

Light Source


Effective Candela

10 Cd, 32 Cd


FPM 60/90


Stainless Steel Sealing Band, UV Stable Polycarbonate Lens


24v Ac/Dc ≂, 48v Ac/Dc ≂, 230v Ac/Dc ≂

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