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Federal Signal

A New Partnership with Federal Signal

Moflash have appointed Federal Signal as the exclusive partner for North America, Canada and Mexico. The Moflash product range will be sold under the Federal brand name SignalTech. An extensive stock package will be held within the local markets to ensure fast delivery and service. Simon Evans, Sales Marketing Director for Moflash believes that the new partnership marks a new chapter for the company.

To have the opportunity to work with the biggest signal manufacturer in the USA is a fantastic position for Moflash to be in, and having seen their set up in Chicago, we are really excited about the potential for our products. The Moflash Range complement the Federal Signal lines and opens up areas of the Market for them that previously had not been explored. For Moflash, it opens the door for our products to the biggest economy in the world, with a partner who fully understand the signalling market and its needs.

It is expected that all the stock lines with be available from the middle of September 2016, with further rollouts happening towards the end of the year and the start of 2017.

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