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Success Overseas!


March was a busy time for Moflash sales staff with personnel in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Australia.

It is well known that Australia in recent years has seen strong economic growth driven by the country’s vast raw materials, although it would be fair to say things are more difficult in today’s trading environment. Even so, the activity does not seem to be slowing down in Western Australia sees NHP (appointed distributor for Moflash) sales of Moflash products grow by over 25% in 2011 and they are set to match this in 2012. The Moflash product offering has now been established in Australia for over 10 years. Moflash competes strongly with brands from other distribution companies who have been present for 40 years.

With NHP exploring green technology at their Sustainability Centre (see image below) which includes the Moflash range of LED beacons (see recent display at Auslec below) and also continuing to push the more traditional market avenues such as the industrial wholesale outlets means sales are on course for growth.

AuslecNHP Sustainability Centre
We even had time to visit the iconic MCG cricket ground in Melbourne and guess what we found the they were using the Moflash beacons inside the stadium (see image below) and as long as they bring the England cricket team success next time they play in the ashes we will be happy.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

As well as visiting OZ, we visited our distribution partner Marine International in Singapore – a place that never ceases to amaze. Just take a look at the building below with a ship on top of it.


Traditionally, UK Companies can be put off selling in the Far East due to local pricing.  However, Moflash (with the help of excellent partners) has been very successful in both Singapore and Hong Kong, by producing specific products for the market which has seen steady growth and this trip did not disappoint.

Look out for the new products being introduced later in the year as a direct result of this visit.

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