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ATEX Accreditation for the Eflare Portable Beacon

The Eflare Portable Beacon has now been awarded ATEX Accreditation, the product is expected to be ready for sale from 1st Jan 2011 with the Accreditation level being Ex ic 11C T4 Gc IP66. For a full summary please see below:

The symbols on the new label are explained below:

II 3 G This is the coding as required by the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC.

is the distinctive community (Ex) mark and means “Explosive Atmosphere”

“3” means the equipment is Category 3 for use in Zone 2. The equipment is designed to be capable of operating within its operational parameters, stated by the manufacturer, in areas where explosive atmospheres caused by mixtures of air and gases, vapours, mists or air/dust mixtures are unlikely to occur and if they do occur, do so infrequently and for a short period of time. A very good example is the petrol forecourt.

“G” means GAS (mixtures of air and gases, vapours, mists). If it was “D”, it means the air/dust mixtures.

“Ex ic IIC T4 Gc” This is the coding which we used prior to the New Approach Directive 94/9/EC. Since the ATEX coding does not give the full details of the certification, this is used additionally, which provides better understanding of the equipment and avoid any misunderstandings.

“Ex” is Explosive Atmospheres
“ic” Same meaning as Category 3 above. Equipment working under normal operation without applying any faults.

“IIC” The equipment is designed for use in places with explosive gas atmosphere other than mines, i.e. for surface industry. The gas could be a mixture of Hydrogen and air and this is categorised by the symbol “C”.

“T4” means that the maximum surface temperature of a component or an enclosure will not exceed 135°C in an ambient temperature of 40°C.

“Gc” means Equipment Protection Level in gas atmosphere and the equipment working under normal operation without applying any faults.

The new accreditation is only valid if one of the following type of battery is used in the beacon:

Energizer Industrial E91 (AA Cell)
Energizer Industrial MN1300 (D Cell)
Duracell Procell PC1500 (AA Cell)
Duracell Procell PC1300 (D Cell)
Varta MN1500 (AA Cell)
Varta MN1300 (D Cell)
Ex Portable

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