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Moflash Look to Shine in Sweden

Moflash are set to be a shining light in Sweden! Well that’s the view of Simon Evans, Sales Director of Moflash and new partners Acumo.

Moflash and Acumo launched the partnership at the recent SKYDD show in Stockholm in October and we are glad to say it seems to have been a big success. Although Moflash have for some time been present in Norway and Finland, business in Sweden had eluded the company.

However, that seems to have now changed with the link up with Acumo and sales are starting to flow. Evans said “The team at Acumo are very ambitious and just what Moflash were looking for in a partner. We did not want to just work with the first people who asked, and that’s why we took our time researching the market to find the best partner and we are sure that we have. In the first few months after the show, we are already seeing the potential and Acumo are well placed to take on the old signal distribution companies. They have a fresh outlook and some excellent products. We are looking forward to see what ’09 brings”.

Acumo Team

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