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Warwickshire NHS

Moflash LED Beacons Are the Signal of Choice for Warwickshire NHS

The Moflash LEDD125 has been specified by Warwickshire health authority for use on entry and exit barriers at both the Warwick & Stratford hospital sites.

The LEDD125 is an ideal product for use on barriers or entry systems when a clear bright 360 degree signal is needed.

Life expectancy has been an issue with traditional xenon signals due to the use of xenon tubes and capacitors which means the cost of ownership is increased via maintenance The LEDD125 however offers low maintenance and long life.

The LEDD125 has the advantage of having a number of different signals available. The unit can be in continuous or flashing mode (1Hz or flashing Mode 2hz). The unit is IP65 and so outside or inside application is applicable.

The unit can be surface mounted as shown in the image, or if wall mounted, Moflash offer a bracket for fixing for more details please visit the accessories page on the main site.

Exit Barrier

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