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KM Mean Business in 2010

KM Europ is the oldest distribution partner in the Moflash distribution family and over the last 10 years, has gone from strength to strength. In more recent times, KM Europ, part of the Finsecur group of companies, has taken the business to another level and its suppliers such as Moflash have shared in their success. Below is a brief overview of the company given by Christophe Bonazzi, Director General.

“KM Europ has become a leading player in the industrial signalling market in France. Its growth relies on a wide range of products that are selected from the best European manufacturers, of which Moflash is one. As well as acting as the distribution partner for a number of trading brands, KM produces certain signalling devices as well, such as the AE95, a traditionally major product for the French market.

KM Europ’s market is twofold. For most of its daily sales, its range is distributed by all major distributors in France and Belgium and for special projects, KM Europ works with installation engineers, integrators or the end-user.

Recently, KM Europ was acquired by Finsecur, a French manufacturer of fire detection products, this development and new R&D ability have allowed the group to become a manufacturer of a large range of disaster warning systems for wide applications. These electronic sirens are now being installed in many high-profile industrial or military sites in France.

As an example, all Paris road tunnel self evacuation systems are based on KM Europ technology.”
KMEurop Catalogue

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