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In Memory Of Jonathan Webber

In Memory of Jonathan Webber

Moflash is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Jonathan Webber, Director of International Trade at the Birmingham Chamber.
Jonathan gave massive support to Moflash throughout our 18-year history. He began by taking us on our first passport to export mission in 1998 and throughout, always made sure that we were aware of the opportunities available to us through the chamber. He will be greatly missed.
Sales director Simon Evans said “Jonathan was a great ambassador for Birmingham and UK trade and he really cared about the people and businesses with which he came into contact. He was extremely knowledgeable, interesting and charming and could give a balanced view on most subjects except that of his beloved ‘Lib Dems’ where you would find him to be increasingly partisan. I believe his support has been paramount to the success of Moflash. I was so glad that he was able to see our new factory when he attended the opening last summer. Moflash will miss him championing their efforts in the export markets. As for myself, I will simply miss my friend Jonathan Webber.”
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