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Impulse Engineering Limited - LED201

Impulse Ideas for Remote Locations

Moflash customer Impulse Engineering Limited, have used the LED201 beacon in a remote and exposed marine environment. The units are fixed to the top of 5m masts and powered by a 12-volt solar array that is controlled by telemetry. The system was designed to operate at 12 volts (using just one panel) and the LED powered by using an Alphatronix 12-24 72w DC/DC converter. The operation criteria are 8 hours a day, 365 days a year. The PV design allows for this with a 14 day no sunshine backup up. The new system replaces a scheme which previously used flags as warning markers in remote locations.

Impulse Engineering Ltd - LED201 - 1
Impulse Engineering Ltd - LED201 - 2
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