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BC150 Clean Fuel Project

The BC150 at the Clean Fuel Project

Moflash Asia have secured the supply of beacons on the clean fuel project through ‘Leap Networks’, who supplied Moflash BC150 series explosion proof beacons with a yellow lens and black body as part of the Plant emergency alert system for the Clean Fuel project of Mina Abdullah Refinery, KNPC. The BC150 series will be used, along with speakers where ambient noise is greater 83 dB, to alert the personnel.
The Clean Fuel Project aims at developing and expanding Mina Al-Ahmad Refinery MAA to refine 346,000 bpd, and Mina Abdullah Refinery MAB to refine 454,000 bpd. As a result, the refining capacity of the two refineries will be 800,000 bpd. The project also contributes in linking the two refineries with each other in order to be an integrated refining complex which is flexible enough to help the company meet the variables at international and local markets. It will also develop the performance of the two refineries, enhance safety & operational reliability and optimum use of energy as well……read more.
The Moflash BC150 range has been approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and very harsh environmental conditions. Typical applications are Oil and Gas, On-shore and Offshore, Chemical, Petrochemical, Refineries & Marine locations.
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