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Bright Start For Eco Range

A Bright Start for the Eco Range

The new Eco range went live on sale at the beginning of May 2015. The range consists of standalone LED beacons with three different base fittings, three colours choices, multiple voltage options and also a selection of tower/stack lights.

The concept of the range is to offer a competitive price option to the traditional incandescent products which will be phased out of production over the next 18 months.

The Eco range has seen a very successful introduction into our global distribution partner RS Components, with the products now on sale across the company’s sales channels around the world. With a planned advertising campaign starting in June, it is hoped that the new Eco beacons will quickly follow in the steps of the other Moflash product ranges currently available from RS Components and become a top selling line.

Moflash have also reintroduced its Industrial Bell range. The new Eco bell offers customers a highly competitive price point bell. Later this year we will also be introducing our new IP66 bell to join the range.

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