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LED Beacons / Lights: TRI-colour LED Visual & Audible Signals (PLC Controllable)

The Tri-colour led beacon / light can produce amber, green and red lights in conjunction with two piezo sounders within one unit offering a combined visual & audible signal. The full range of Tri-colour led beacons / lights including product specifications can be viewed below.


APPLICATION: Tri-colour led beacons are ideal for process control or status indication applications and can be a cost effective alternative to traditional stack or tower lights.


LEDA125-01 Series

Tri-colour Beacon / Light (three colours in one housing)


 LEDA-01 Tri-Colour Audible Beacon


Product Features

LED long life + extra bright

Two piezo sounders in base

PLC controllable / Relay

3 point fix



UK Distribution

Export Distribution


Colour Options:

Available in Amber, Red & Green


The LEDA125-01 offers maximum flexibility in terms of visual and audible requirements. The beacon can produce 3 colours, Amber, Green and Red in conjunction with an audible signal. Two piezo sounders situated in the base of the unit can be synchronised with any colour and flash rate required. The unit requires high or low voltage inputs to function (plc / relays etc). Ideally suited to status control the beacon is a cost effective alternative to the traditional tower light. An M12 sealing grommet in the base allows for cable entry and termination inside the enclosure. Maximum cable size is 5mm.


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