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Automotive Beacons: Xenon Visual Signals and Rotating Visual Signals

Moflash Automotive beacons are E-marked and offer a a Xenon Flashing unit with either a magnetic base or a static fix option. The full range of Automotive beacons including product specifications can be viewed below.  


APPLICATION: Automotive beacons are ideal for temporary or permanent mounting onto cars, vans, trucks or heavy machinery.


X88 Series

Xenon Automotive Beacon / Light




 X88 Series

Product Features

Continuously rated

Suitable for vehicle use

Magnetic base or static fix

High light output



UK Distribution

Export Distribution


Colour Options:

Available in Amber, Red, Blue, Green and Clear






















The X88 Series is suitable for automotive & general signalling applications where a more robust and powerful signal is required.

Xenon beacons (sometimes called strobes) are controlled via a PCB and put out a very brief but very bright flash of white light by ionizing and then discharging a large current through the xenon gas. This range of beacons incorporates an internal Fresnel lens designed to maximise the light intensity and has a double flash option (activated by a slide switch on the PCB) that extends the signal duration making it more noticeable to the human eye.

The DC unit is factory set at 24v but a slide switch on the PCB can change it to 12v operation.




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