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  Careers - The Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise Network (KEEN)



"Investing in key personnel, 

  is the driving force behind Moflash"


Moflash Signalling is the largest independent manufacturer of signalling devices in the UK and takes pride in offering a vast choice of products catering for a diverse range of applications, unachievable without input from its dedicated in-house specialist product development team.


In 2012 Moflash worked with the University of Wolverhampton and its Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise Network (KEEN) scheme which is designed to offer the opportunity for West Midlands SME’s such as Moflash. Working closely with local universities creates an opportunity to gain valuable expert direction for an Affiliate employee who will have access to resources and facilities whilst working on a specific project from the initial start through to completion. This means that the best possible results are attainable for Moflash and more importantly for the end customer, who will receive a consistently high level of product innovation coupled with quality customer service that they have come to

expect from Moflash.



Daniel with support and training will contribute towards Moflash's future product development. Daniel is excited about the scheme and shows enthusiasm about the skills and knowledge he will acquire and how they will enable him to develop a career at Moflash.


















Watch the video below to learn more...


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