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Acoustic Signals: Bells

Moflash Bell range includes traditional grey industrial bells and IP66 marine bells. The bells are solenoid driven and being free from mechanical clatter are popular with customers. The full range of bells including product specifications can be viewed below.


APPLICATION: The IP66 solenoid driven bells are suitable for heavy duty industrial applications where a high sound output and rugged construction are required. The Economy bell is suitable for light commercial/industrial use where intermittent audible signalling is required in a localised area.


Economy Bell

Industrial Bell


IP66 Series

Industrial / Marine Bell


 Economy Bell


Product Features

Economy Signal


Distinctive sound

Die-cast construction



UK Distribution

Export Distribution



 IP66 Bell


Product Features

3 point fix with adjustment slots

IEC 60533:1999 approved for installation

on ships

AEN 50130-4:2011 approved for Fire/Security etc.

Dustproof and Weatherproof


UK Distribution

Export Distribution


These traditional type bells produce their distinctive sound by means of a hardened striker powered by a solenoid, repeatedly striking the inside edge of metal gong, producing a loud & clear ringing tone.

They are suitable for light commercial/industrial use where intermittent audible signalling is required in a localised area.

The bells can be mounted on any flat surface utilising either the four mounting holes that are incorporated into the body of the casting or the universal mounting plate and gasket (supplied as standard) that offers multiple fixing location options.


The new range of 6” & 8” Solenoid driven bells have been designed and manufactured to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ideally suited heavy duty industrial & marine applications where rugged construction and a high weatherproof classification is required.

The bells produce a rich and clear ‘traditional’ alarm bell sound free from mechanical clatter.

The design allows for up to 4 x M20 cabling entry knockouts, two from above & one on either side to allow for loop in/loop out cabling applications. Termination is inside the enclosure and caters for 4 x 2.5mm2 termination.Termination is inside the enclosure. Marine approvals pending.


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