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Acoustic Signals: Hooters & Horns

Moflash Hooters and Horns range include a manually operated ES hooter and two motor driven hooters, all producing the traditional unique ‘Klaxon’ sound which is the most recognisable sound in signalling. These products are used in factories all over the world from Birmingham to Singapore. The full range of Hooters and Horns including product specifications can be viewed below.  


APPLICATION: The ES manual and A1 motor driven hooter are ideal for use on small boats, canal barges, mine trucks and are effective warning devices. The Klaxet is ideal for time signalling and process control alarm and its powerful warning tone can be heard above background noise in industrial applications.  


A1 Hooter

Motor Driven Hooter


ES Manual Hooter

Manually Operated Hooter


 A1 Hooter


Product Features

Powerful high output


Robust construction

Ideal for use on canal barges,

mine trucks and for lift trucks



UK Distribution

Export Distribution


 ES Manual Hooter


Product Features

Manual operation - no power required

Lightweight and compact

Robust and Reliable

Suitable for marine applications



UK Distribution

Export Distribution

The A1 is a powerful motor driven hooter giving the unique ‘klaxon’ sound.

The high output, low frequency resonating sound gives a powerful warning tone.

With a sound output of 120dB, it can cut through background noise in almost any environment and is ideal for use as a time signalling alarm or process alarm in the noisiest factory.

In addition, the A1 can be used on barges, work boats and dock sides and for other similar marine applications.


The ES is a manually operated hooter producing the unique ‘Klaxon’ sound for applications where a power supply is unavailable.

Typical applications include small boats, canal barges, mine trucks and fork lift trucks.

The ES gives a powerful sound which, with its low frequency tone, makes its an effective warning device.


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